Gemstone Stacking Memory Bracelets


These bracelets are great gifts for your friends! Pick the stone that best fits their therapy needs.

Amethyst - this stone will provide clarity for those confused friends. It will also relieve stress, will help with
insomnia and mood swings.

Lapis - helps with creativity.

Fluorite - for the friends that are need motivation.

Blue Agate - is for the friends that are down on their luck, this stone bring good luck.

Jasper - this stone  absorbs negative energy and provide tranquility

Yellow Quartz - boosts confidence

Turquoise -is perfect for anyone that is not feeling well. This stone is known for cleansing and detox.

Amazonite - is great for those friends that have had trauma in their life, this stone aids with emotional trauma and stress

Mookalite - Helps with making decisions and helps to accept change.

One size fits all in these gemstone spiral wrapped bracelets. Get the healing powers of gemstones wrapped around your wrist.

Available in a rainbow of colors and gemstones. These triple wrapped bracelets fit any tween through adult.

Come with gemstone meaning card and artist card with linen gift pouch

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